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Are You Looking To Buy Gem Stones Wholesale?

Supernova Colorless Moissanite is here at C.R. Time

Precious gem stones are a part of what we do here at C.R. Time, and we offer a wide range of gem stones that will add to your collection. Whether you are creating jewelry and need an addition of extra gem stones that stand out, or you need to buy gem stones wholesale to then sell on, you can guarantee that our stones are the best around. We have a range of the most popular gem stones on the market and if you cannot find what you need, just contact our team, and we’ll be able to answer any questions that you may have.

Choose Our Gems

At C.R. Time, we offer a range of gem stones wholesale that are both unique and unconventional, different shapes and sizes and are one of a kind for those unique jewelry pieces. You can create some dazzling jewelry pieces that stand out from the crows, and one of the most significant benefits of buying gem stones wholesale is in the creation of handmade jewelry pieces that are one of a kind.

Precious Or Semi-Precious

Whether you are in the market for precious or semi-precious gem stones, both are integral in the creation of stunning jewelry, and we supply both. Many of the gem stones that are out there are extremely precious, which makes them an investment for you and your buyers. Gem stones are renowned for being attractive and buying loose gem stones is an investment because you can often find them cheaper when they’re wholesale. Cost does not take away from their ability to sparkle, though, so you need not worry. Buying loose gem stones can also be cheaper than having a gem stone set in a piece of jewelry.

Advantages Of Buying The Right Gem Stone

The true value of a gem stone is far easier to see when you buy gem stones wholesale. Buying them loose means that you cannot see if there are any inclusions or if the color is not as deep or as bright as you thought. At C.R Time, we ensure that you are only in receipt of the best gem stones with the right clarity, color and cut that you need. If you can’t see the gem stones that you’re after on our website, then feel free to give us a call and we can let you know whether we have it.

At C.R Time, we carry out our business with simplicity and trust, with excellent quality being the foundation of everything that we do. Finding gem stones wholesale is easier than ever via our excellent team - so why not call us today and see what we can offer!

Contact Us Now

Call us today on 800.541.5494, and we can talk you through whether we can help you with your gem stone needs. Our experts are on hand to help you with the advice you need for the right gem stones wholesale, providing a quote if you cannot see what you need online.

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